Even the best pressure instruments may drift with time, resulting in inaccurate results and poor performance. It is critical that all pressure devices be calibrated on a regular basis.

Calibration intervals and error limitations should be set, and calibration findings should be recorded to ensure instrument integrity. Neglecting Calibration might result in unanticipated production downtime, subpar goods, or process quality concerns.

Furthermore, allowing important process pressure instruments to wander out of specification might possibly endanger employee safety. Calibration expenses are often modest as compared to possible production or damage costs

Omega Mepis is an EIAC accredited calibration laboratory which uses high accuracy Deadweight Tester, Modular Pressure Controller/Indicator, Pressure Calibrator, Digital Pressure Gauge and Digital Manometer. All the calibrations are performed by comparison method.

Omega Mepis provides pressure calibration services ranging from 1 bar to 690 bar for following pressure instruments:

  • Analog Pressure Gauges
  • Digital Pressure Gauges
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Pressure Recorders

Our goal is to to satisfy our customers' needs by providing them with the greatest degree of service integrity and timely fulfillment of commitments.We provide our clients assurance that their equipment is collecting correct measurements and can withstand any inspection and auditing procedure by providing in-house and onsite services that adhere to national and international standards.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why calibrate your pressure gauge?

Pressure gauges are getting more durable and precise, but accuracy tends to deteriorate over time. Naturally, like with most things, the higher the quality, the longer it will endure. Nevertheless, gauges must be calibrated on a regular basis if they are to continue producing correct readings. Calibration of pressure gauges is frequently advised before to installation, as part of a preventative maintenance program, during shutdowns, and during yearly ISO audits.


When to calibrate your pressure gauge?

Pressure gauge should be calibrated by the manufacturer or official service partner at least once a year. This is mandatory for ISO audits and IMO regulations. IMO article 13.1.4, “Instruments should be tested to ensure reliability in the working conditions and recalibrated at regular intervals. Test procedures for instruments and the intervals between recalibration should be approved by the Administration.” We recommend interpreting these intervals at least once a year.

Key Factors


Calibration of vital pressure instruments is necessary to assure consistency and product quality while also helping businesses to efficiently manage resource consumption — all of which are important considerations in remaining competitive in the marketplace. The following are the key reasons for pressure calibration:


Product quality


Regulatory Compliance


Personal Safety