Omega Mepis provides quality instrument calibration and test equipment services to Petrochemicals, Refineries, Rigs, Power Plants, Desalination Plants, District Cooling and Facility Management Companies.

Our Goal is to Provide the best possible service for both our products and our customers.

Being the authorized distributor of many top brands in the region, Omega focuses on providing best after sales services to all our customers.


Calibration Services:

  • Cover high accuracy measurement, control and calibration of instruments
    • Performance, Suitability & Reliability.
    • Free from Defect.
    • Safety.
  • ISO/IEC 17025 certified to various Pressure & Temperature parameters, accredited by ENAS
  • Experienced and high performance with Multiple Services
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Continual Improvement
  • Only private lab to have implemented LIMS
    • Helps to monitor scheduled and unscheduled calibrations
    • Conduct Gage R & R analysis
    • Maintain regulatory compliance
    • Improve Overall efficiency
  • Have latest calibration instruments from world class manufacturers
  • Have Separate Labs for Pressure & Temperature Instruments
  • Dedicated Inspection Room for conduction 3rd party inspection services
    • ADNOC inspection performed for more than 10 projects
  • Truck loading bay with fork lift facility

Integration Services:

  • Experience with Integration of Pressure Instruments - Gauges & Transmitters with Manifolds, Limiters & Diaphragm Seals
  • Successfully completed integration & testing for more than 50+ projects
  • Integration
  • Testing – Hydrotesting, PMI & Functional
  • Calibration Check

Additional Services:

  • Laser engraving of Tag plate marking
  • Vaccum packing of material Integration Of Pressure Gauges, Transmitters & Switches with Diaphragm Seals